Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hack Black Bird Online On Facebook Game

Black Bird Online is the best free-to-play 3D flight arcade that is currently released in social networks. Developer of this game have a planning to make the Steam Edition version with fixed price after dev will be Greenlit.
The most exciting moment, that developer have a game, in which we use all potential abilities of the Unity 3D engine.
Black Bird Online is ready to play flight action MMO simulator with gameplay where you piloting a plane and shoot other players.
This game have a lot of planes, weapons and modifications for them as well as the leveling system.
It's a game with non-stop action session.


Genre: Action, RPG, Massively Multiplayer, Casual, Simulation, Free To Play, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Multi-player, Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Apparently there is no perfect game, there must be a tools to cheated, including Black Bird Online Game. This game could be hacked and I have the trainer to cheat this game, function of this hack is to make your ammo to be unlimited, andefeated (god mode), increase fire rate and disable overheat. You can get Hack Black Bird Online for free, free download, no password and no survey.
Credits: FaceCheatBrasil

Tutorial How To Use Hack Black Bird Online:
  1. Download Cheat Engine. Why must download Cheat Engine? Because this hack was made in cheat engine, so if you do not have cheat engine, this hack can be open.
  2. Download AobswapPlugin.lua. Why must download AobswapPlugin? Because this cheat use AOB question mark code and Cheat Engine can not read Aob question mark code in the CETRAINER, CT or Trainer Standalone if not installed AobswapPlugin.lua
  3. Download Cheat Black Bird Online Hack.
  4. Log into facebook. Why facebook or Browser Game? Because this hack only for Black Bird Online on Desktop, can not use in Mobile.
  5. Play Black Bird Online, after in the main of page do not click anything.
  6. Open Cheat Black Bird Online Hack, then select process browser. Example: plugin-container for firefox, chrome.exe for google chrome. After that click continue button and enable all hack features.
  7. Back to the game and see the differensce.
  8. Video tutorial how to use this hack:

Download Hack and Tools Requred to Cheat Game Black Bird Online

Cheat Engine, click button below to download cheat engine latest version:

AobswapPlugin.lua, click button below to download and see tutorial on how to install AobswapPlugin.lua in Cheat Engine:

Cheat Hack Black Bird Online Cheat Engine CETRAINER. Click button below to download this cheat (free download, no password and no survey):

Game Link of Black Bird Online on Facebook. Click button below to play Black Bird Online On Facebook:

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