Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hack Battle Islands Facebook Games Cheats


Very Useful Hack For Battle Islands Facebook Games

Battle Islands Facebook Games is build and attack games, game play sistem on this games is similar to Clash Of Clans or Throne Rush, that is build defense and attack the enemy territory. So, if You play this games, you must try Hack Battle Islands, because this hack is very useful in the Battle Islands games, function of this hack is:
  • Disable enemy tower. Enemy tower can not attack your troops
  • Unlimited unit. We can add unit troops as much as you want.
Hack Battle Islands was made via Cheat Engine and the result is a CETRAINER, so you must download and install cheat engine before download this hack, but if your PC already installed cheat engine, don't download it again. Hack Battle Islands only for Battle Islands Games there are on desktop platform. Hack Battle Islands was made by facecheatsbrasill. Read tools required and also read the tutorial on how to use Hack Battle Islands before using this hack.

Tools required Hack Battle Islands:

Tutorial on how to use Hack Battle Island:

  1. Download and isntall cheat engine, skip this stpes if you already installed cheat engine.
  2. Download hack Battle Islands, don not open.
  3. Play Battle Islands Games, after you get in to the main of the page, do not click anything.
  4. Open hack Battle Islands and select process browser. Select plugin-container.exe for firefox browser and chrome.exe for Google Chrome browser.
  5. After that click "continou" button, after click continou button then a new page that contained hack list will appear.
  6. Enable all hack list by click name of hack then click "enable" button. Back to the game and build the troops unit and attack the enemy territory. You never lose when attacking enemy of using Hack Battle Islands.
  7. Done

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