Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kings Road Hack Update 05/01/2016

- Pause and Play
- Anti-Cheat
- Attack & Movement Speed ​​Bonus
- Extra Movement (use with previous entry)
- ATTACK + self collect gold
- Auto-attack all visible (aggro range is screen size?)
- Ranged melee (should be only for knight?)

-Movement Speed
Tools Required :
Cheat Engine Already Installed : Cheat Engine 
AobswapPlugin.lua :   Download AobswapPlugin

Download  Kings Road V27:

Uploadex : Kings Road Trainer

Tutorial How To Download On Uploadex

Steps to use this cheat:
  1. Log in to your facebook Account then Play Kings Road Game
  2. Open Cheat Engine then Select process browser ATTACH IT TO PROCESS
  3. When loading the game more than 50%, tick "Speed Hack Zero"
  4. Click Enable All or choice Hack what u want Enable   
  5. For more detail, see video tutorial below :

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